EANC electronic library

Due to copyright considerations, the search function in the main corpus does not provide access to the texts in their entirety. Unlike search results, EANC Electronic Library provides full view for 104 works by classical authors (these books are in public domain because their authors died more than 70 years ago). The Library includes only those texts that have been scanned and processed by the EANC team. For other Eastern Armenian texts you can visit electronic library resources such as http://www.armenianhouse.org/, http://www.hayeren.hayastan.com/, http://www.literature.ascp.am/, and others.

When you click on a word, a window will pop up, showing the lexical grammatical analysis of the word and a list of English translation equivalents (available only for tokens highlighted on mouseover).

Note that the texts in the Library are displayed as plain text and are not formatted for a reader-friendly browser view.

The texts in the Library may contain misspelled words and typos, mostly OCR-related. We will be grateful for any feedback that may help our proofreading efforts.