EANC 3.0 (March 2009)

This is the third release of Eastern Armenian National Corpus – EANC 3.0. Changes from EANC 2.0 (March 2008) include:
  • Corpus growth: EANC now contains nearly 110 mln tokens (an increase of about 20% from EANC 2.0), and includes a new type of texts (internet blogs)
  • Statistics: usage counts and ranks of specific wordforms across genres and decades may be accessed under the Statistics tab added to the other three main tabs (Main, Help and Library)
  • Unlimited context expansion is now possible for all non-copyrighted texts, including more than 100 classical Eastern Armenian titles, all newspapers from before 1920, and the entire spoken subcorpus. (In 2.0, context expansion was limited to 9 sentences)
  • Additional grammatical labels have been implemented under the new Lexical categories tab in the gram selection window, including place names, human nouns, adverbial pronouns, transitive verbs and other lexical categories.

(Cf. also What’s new in EANC 2.0)