EANC 2.0

EANC 2.0 (March 2008) was the second release of Eastern Armenian National Corpus. Changes from EANC 1.0 (July 2007) included:
  • Corpus size: EANC 2.0 contained almost 90 mln tokens (increase by about 30% from EANC 1.0 level)
  • Help files: explanations for basic functions and operations were provided under Help menu
  • Press archive: as a result of a joint project with the National Library of Armenia, EANC 2.0 included a collection of periodicals from the 1870s to the late Soviet period (2,668 issues; 12,709,536 tokens)
  • Translations: English translations (automatically displayed on mouseover) were provided for over 80 percent of the tokens for convenience of non-native speakers and language learners; search by translation became possible
  • Glossed output: typologists and language learners could work with a text format similar to classical interlinear morphological glosses. In this format, wordforms are supplied with lemmas, lexical and grammatical categories, and translations, vertically aligned below each wordform
  • EANC electronic library with full-view access to over 100 classical Eastern Armenian titles from before 1938. The library provided the same morphological analysis and translation as the rest of the corpus (displayed on mouse click)
  • Internal punctuation: a unique orthographic feature of Armenian writing, internal punctuation (exclamation mark, question mark, or emphasis mark placed above a word) was included into the advanced search options.

Additionally, numerous minor interface enhancements (including more flexible case-sensitive search options) have been introduced – please see Advanced query features for details.