Metatext markup

Metatext (bibliographic) information enhances the EANC search capability by allowing the user to build and search subcorpora and to sort the search results.

EANC queries can include the following metatext criteria: author, title, year of creation, and genre (genres). Currently, many EANC texts lack exact information on the year of creation, hence, no creation year is displayed following the title and the author’s name in the output. When a subcorpus is being selected, a proxy based on author’s age (age 18 – death) is used for such texts.

Following is the list of metadata that is used in subcorpus selection.

Metadata related to the author:
  • Full name of the author
  • Author’s date of birth
  • Author’s date of death (if applicable)

Metadata for written discourse (except press):
  • Title of the book/document
  • Genre
  • Year of creation or publication
  • Number of tokens

Metadata for press:
  • Title of a newspaper or a magazine
  • Date of publication and issue number (if applicable)

The following tags are only used internally and are not available for user input: author's date of birth and death, number of tokens, and issue number (for press).